UCLA: and the Chosen

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Everyone in America saw the UCLA comeback. It was second to none. Josh Rosen is truly chosen. I love the NFL prospect. He is a great college quarterback. He might well be the best NFL QB in the bunch. Ok, I know that sounds lavish. But here is the deal, he is really that good.

I played college football. Although, I thought Tom Savage was going to be a sure fire NFL sleeper; he still might be. Josh Rosen is going to be an NFL star. The arm strength, the footwork, the vision are all NFL traits, dating back to his freshmen year. I have had the scout sheet in front of him for as long as I could.

Listen folks, he is a great quarterback. Get over it. He might play for UCLA, and he might not be Sam Darnold. Yet, he is the Chosen. Brett Hundley, although great, does not make that comeback. Not even Deshaun Watson makes that comeback behind that line.

Josh is the QB that UCLA has been dying for, but they still cannot build behind him. I get that the NFL is different, but Jim Mora was an NFL coach. Josh Rosen is an NFL QB. Studying under the teacher of an NFL coach. What does USC do? Prep their players for the NFL, thus an outstanding recruiting class year after year. Jim Mora has sent more NFL players out of UCLA than USC since his job acceptance.

Josh is getting the shit end of the stick at UCLA, because of tough recruiting and USC. If players were smart they would have signed with the best QB in college football. Much like players take pay cuts to sign with Tom Brady. UCLA might have made that come back… But under Mora that will be their best game because they failed Josh Rosen. He will always let them feel that when he is slinging bullets on Sundays.

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