The Lakers put up a decent fight

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The Lakers fell to the Boston Celtics tonight. 107-96 was the final score. The Lakers dropped to a 21 deficit early in the game. Again the team made a storming come back. Lonzo and the Lakers made it a 2 point game at one point before dropping the game ultimately to a 1st place Celtics team.

It is good to see a Lakers hater (Bill Simmons) encourage the fan base on what he sees. I agree the Lakers look good, but they still need a lot of work. Horford was out for the Celtics, and the Lakers got a no show on the rebounds.

Again the Lakers are so close. BI is playing great and gives his team a chance to win every game. I am working on a big Brandon Ingram piece right now stay tuned for that. Until then tonight’s highlights are below.


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