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6-0…That was the score in the 3rd inning in Arizona, and I thought my Colorado Rockies were done. With any good squad however, resilience is a characteristic that shows the true fight in any life or death situation. The Rockies showed just that by scoring 4 runs in the following inning and cutting the lead to 6-4. There was life! After a brutal 2 innings of missed opportunities and clutch pitching, Rockies found themselves, on the brink of an epic comeback.


Of course with any Rockies game, the bullpen meltdown is a reoccurring guest and as I thought maybe this game they would go through the whole game without it…relief pitcher, yes, RELIEF PITCHER, Archie Fucking Bradley hit a 2-run triple to extend the snakes lead.


This killed me. All the momentum swung for the snakes and I really thought that was the game. But…


Here come those fucking Rockies! I have never been so proud of a team and their effort especially under those circumstances. Our MVP, Nolan Arenado started it off with a boom of a homerun to cut it to 8-6, then right after our shortstop, Trevor Story hit an oppo taco solo shot to get the game back to 1 run…I was alive!


But to any Rockies story disappointment is surely just a couple steps behind. Closer, Greg Holland gave up another 3 runs in the bottom half, which virtually shut the door on any realistic comeback chance. The final score ended as 11-8, and the offseason officially began for the Rockies and me.


…As a die hard Rockies fan I placed my ass in front of the tv for every game this season…I sacrificed time with my family and friend just to watch my squad…all these other fans for these big market teams are a bunch of fair weathered pussies…Look out for us next year baby cause the Rox are gonna rock your fucking world…


I’m not mad though.

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