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The Ball Family did it again. They made another shoe. Actually it was a remake of the original ZO2. To be honest as soon as I saw the first rendition I was underwhelmed.

Secondarily he played the “worst basketball game in his life” while wearing these. I think it goes back to if you look good, you play play good. I have heard that saying a million times. For the most part.. it might be true.  His performance sky rocketed in the other makes and models of basketball shoes. Granted he played ONE summer league game in his BBB ZO2’s but come on there has to be a connection.


Enter the remix ZO2’s


Man are those fresh. The redesigned look has me wanting a pair more than ever. These actually look like basketball shoes now. Also my guess is after watching “Ball in the Family” they have customized the shoe to his foot and now he can ball out in them. If you do not know about 70% of NBA players have their shoe custom made to their foot to be able to handle the load of playing basketball night in and night out. The other 30% wear a standard shoe with custom orthotics.

Therefore it is no surprise to me that the shoe was re-masted, re-tailored, and Big Ballerized. Lonzo is already a star. I do not mean he is as good as LeBron James.. yet. His fame is on par with just about every other polarizing NBA star, even  before playing an NBA Game. Therefore, the main reason why he needed a new shoe was because, he needs to play extremely well extremely quickly.

Honestly, I never though Lonzo was going to stink, now I think there is about a 0.01% chance he stinks. I think he needs to be good right away so his father and the rest of the league don’t clown him. At this point when you already have your own shoe line, 4 lambo’s, and a Dad that loves to show his brown teeth you have be able to put up or shut up.

The remix ZO2’s will help a ton when it comes to on the court performance.  Ever since he played that pedestrian game 1 of summer league, he knew he needed something else. This gives him the ability to make sure that when he steps into training  camp his foundation is solid. I cannot wait to see his rocket passes and how much the Lakers improve this year. I’m addicted to watching him play basketball and know I get to see him play with a little more flash.

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