Is Lavar the Best Father of all Time?

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Yes you heard me loud and clear. Is Lavar Ball the best father of all time? For those who have been keeping up with “Ball in the Family”, we have seen a different side to the outspoken man. Granted he may still have the worst teeth of any TV personality, but teeth aside he is a great personality. Secondarily, I think Lavar might be the GOAT of dads.

During Lonzo’s intro presser, GM Rob Pelinka,  was quick to praise both Lonzo and Lavar.


At first I thought well Pelinka is probably praising Lavar because of how damn good Lonzo is. It is always nice to suck up to the parents of a NBA changing player. Now I am beginning to realize he was telling the truth. Lavar not only coaches his sons, tends to his sick wife, does all the cooking, but is also making the newest sports brand. That is A LOT of responsibility.

Lavar has preached to the universe that his sons are going to change the landscape of the NBA. I know Lonzo will. It remains to be seen whether, LaMelo, and often forgotten LiAngelo will as well. It is definitely not forgotten with me that LiAngelo now has a White Ferrari that has already done about 540 burnouts in Westwood, CA. However, the truth is all three sons will have been on full ride at UCLA for basketball, and they all will at least get a fair shot in the NBA.

Lavar’s sick wife Tina, suffered a stroke right before the 2017 March Madness tournament. Lavar has taken it upon himself to rehab his sick wife. The cool part is that Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo have all been by her side as well. Showing the great nature of his parenting. All being documented in Facebook’s “Ball in the Family”.

In my opinion the coolest thing about Lavar Ball is his polarizing nature, and his belief that his sons are truly the best. Big Baller Brand is their OWN brand. Let’s not forget that every sale goes to the pockets of their family. Everyone from ESPN to Barstool Sports have been buying gear from their company. In a world of hot takes and internet sensations, Lavar knows exactly how to play his cards. In my opinion it is only a matter of time until their billion dollar request is manufactured in BBB sales.

As a Laker fan I am more excited to see Lonzo sling passes than the Cowboys win a Super Bowl. Part of that reason is because Lavar has coached up his son to be an immediate All Star. Adam Carolla often says things start at home with parenting. It is clear that Lavar has conquered that notion. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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