How Long Do They Last?

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I was wondering what the long days of summer could include. There are the staples of summer such as baseball, beach, and beers. However, when you get tired of those three wonderful things there is another alternative. Playing video games is the saving grace of the dog days of summer.

It is not quite time for the new versions of each game. Meaning the 2017-18 models of each games haven’t dropped yet, but are coming soon. Therefore I wanted to see which of the previous years have the best lasting value. I took requests from my buddies and put them to the test. I love sports video games more than just about any other series. Thus this task was perfect for a mid august blog attempt.

The rules were as follows; has to be playable on Xbox 360, must be before 2014.

The three overwhelming candidates were: NCAA Football 10, NHL 09, and MLB 2k11.

I went to gamestop to purchase the games and walked back to my humble abode to test out the new games. I first played NCAA Football 10 with the high hopes that it would hold up game play style and still have the classic feel of the air raid offense that I love to pass with. To my dismay the offensive line play and wide receiver action was horrible. The play calling system was dog shit. I could barely do a hurry up offense. How does EA Sports expect me to score? Anyway, those dicks at EA not only canceled the game, but they do not have a lasting affect in my eyes. Final Score: 4.3/10

Next was MLB 2k11. I love baseball, and I love playing xbox baseball. I own MLB 2k13 the last of the 2k series for baseball. Unfortunately, the chasm between 11 and 13 is miles not feet. The pitchers got rocked every pitch and once you get your timing its practically a moon shoot Aaron Judge could not recreate. Final score 5.4/10

Finally NHL 09: I am not a huge hockey fan by any means. But Goddamn is this game fun. It holds true to almost every expectation I had. I would qualify myself as a Ducks fan if I had to. I played the Ducks vs. The Oilers. I lost like 5-1 but it was the most fun ass kicking I have ever received by the hands of the computer. The game play was fast and ahead of its time for a game made in 2008. I can see why it received such high praise in the voting process. Final Score 7.8/10


Needless to say this exercise let me down. Although I now know what games are trash and which to keep. NHL 09 you have a fan in me. However, the only 10/10 game there is to this day is MVP baseball 06. Nothing will ever top the GOAT of games. Until the next round.



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