College Football Rips Your Heart Out

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The Cuse just got swallowed in the second half. The Orange lost after leading at Half Time 38-24. The Demon Deacons then promptly outscored the Orange 40-5 in the second half. Syracuse is New York’s team. They are my team as well. Yet, college football continues to test the will of die hard fans.

64-43 is the final score. The Orange were without standout QB Eric Dungey, likely the second or third best QB in the conference. So that was a big subtraction. Yet, with a senior heavy defense, no one showed up to stop Wake Forrest. Thus the horrific score.

Georgia the number 1 seed just got knocked off by No. 10 Auburn. 40-17 was the final score over there. Right when Georgia is thinking they are riding high the get kicked in the gut. The ACC and SEC have some interesting teams. Clemson is still not the same team they were last year (clearly). Alabama has an unproven team, schedule wise. Georgia just got rick rolled. LSU is by no means a real threat to anyone that is worth a damn. Finally Louisville a preseason favorite has lost a bunch already as well.

So all together the good and the bad teams … no one has any idea of what is going on. The Strong Pac 12 has 12 bellow stellar teams. Sam Darnold stinks out loud. Josh Rosen cannot stay healthy. Bryce Love gets no love. Most importantly the east coast bias is alive.

So whether you think your team is actually good…. they aren’t

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