Arnold Palmer is the Best Drink

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Some may say that an alcoholic beverage is better. I do not think so. An Arnold Palmer is the cream of the crop. Half Ice Tea half Lemonade, can you think of a better mix? The answer is no. Even alcoholic beverages take a back seat to the Arnold Palmer.

The refreshing drink that is the Arnold Palmer transcends the world of drinks. I have never had a John Daily so don’t come at me saying that it is the better choice. The AP is the choice of any meal. A steak meal, AP, and even a chicken meal the AP is the move.

The reason for the love of the Arnold Palmer comes from the combo of caffeine and sugar. That is the drink and nothing else. There is nothing more beautiful than that combo. It is refreshing and it is cool drink. Coffee is a hot drink. The other thing is coffee can be fucked up in a number of ways. At this point I want my dad’s curated coffee more than the Starbucks Dark  Roast. Which is saying a lot.

You would not put A1 on a steak so why would you mess up the Arnold Palmer. You have to have premium Tea and whatever lemonade you want. The Tea makes the AP not the lemonade. RESTAURANTS THE TEA GOES FIRST! I cannot believe they put the lemonade first. Lemonade is more dense therefore I have to make the mix myself.

Secondarily, If you are a place that has pink lemonade do not offer the AP. If you have pink lemonade just call it quits. Nobody wants you’re half ass commitment to the best drink in the world. I want the real thing. Real Ice Teas and Real Lemonade.

I will go to the grave saying that the Arnold Palmer is the best drink in the world. Move over alcohol because I have the winner. His name is Arnold Palmer.

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